The lodges have been designed to reflect the very special qualities of this site and will have a minimal environmental impact in their use. This development will be the largest Passivhaus holiday development in the country, setting a benchmark for all future sustainable development in the area and beyond.

The construction of each lodge will incorporate the latest advancements within the construction industry using an off-site approach. Prefabricated enhanced panels will be made in factories that result in the most efficient process, with regards to time and quality, and has sustainability benefits in terms of reducing disruption, noise and waste.

The relationship between the lodges and the landscape is absolutely fundamental to the approach taken by HBS and to the cohesiveness of the overall development. The massing and materials have been developed and selected carefully so the lodges will nestle into this extraordinary landscape which will be seen to envelop them. Each lodge has been positioned to maximise the views out across East Lothian but also so that overlooking other lodges has been minimised.



The place
to be.